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Pediatric Care

"The Gausmann Dental practice has been such a blessing to our family. From the extremely courteous and thorough staff to Dr. Gausmann's professionalism and expertise, the entire team provides results-oriented care and treatment with a personal and individual focus. My children no longer fear coming to the dentist and look forward to seeing Dr. Gausmann and his kind staff each and every time. Gausmann Family Dental is a place where the whole family's needs will be met and exceeded!"   –  Paige W.

Establishing a healthy dental routine in young patients enables them to successfully learn how to care for their developing smile. Part of our pediatric dental program involves educating parents and children on proper brushing techniques and what to expect as they transition from baby to permanent teeth. 

Your Child's First Visit

A child’s first visit to the dentist (approximately 2 years of age) often contributes to emotions they may have toward future visits. Creating a positive experience focused on education, familiarization with the office and performing minimal treatment works well with children.

Parents can help to prepare their child by: brushing their teeth at home, having them practice opening and closing their mouth, reading them stories about going to the dentist and positively instructing them on a dental visit.

Dental Sealants

A dental sealant is a material placed on a tooth to help prevent cavities. The tooth-colored material is placed onto the chewing surface of the tooth and then hardened. This helps prevent food collection and makes the tooth smoother and easier to clean with a toothbrush. 

Because of their preventative nature, sealants are recommended to be placed on the permanent teeth of children and teens.

My husband, two children (5 and 7) and I all go here. They’re always very nice. Good with kids! I would recommend Dr. Gausmann to anyone.
— Charissa R.